Sign the #MarchForTruth Petition calling on Facebook to reveal to its users exactly how they were exposed to Russian propaganda!


Social media platforms were used by the Kremlin to interfere in the US election by spreading propaganda and disinformation.

We want answers from the largest social media platform- and we've launched a petition to demand it.

Join 50,000 people who want answers from facebook.

Facebook enabled Russian interference in the United States election in 2016, but refuses to provide a full account to the public. In fact, it has recently removed data that allowed independent researchers to understand the nature and scale of the problem.

American citizens that use Facebook deserve to know how they were exposed to Russian disinformation and propaganda. Facebook should provide this data to users in an application that makes it easy to understand. 

Users should be able to see how content and advertising messages from identified Russian sources appeared in their timeline, whether they interacted with such media, and basic metrics that quantify their exposure.