March For Truth: March On Washington DC


Donald Trump has crossed the line. Following demonstrations across the country to defend the rule of law after the firing of NAME, we call for a national march on Washington to demand Congress act to restore the Constitution.

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If the American people fail to stand up to this blatant abuse of power and assault on the rule of law, then we are effectively choosing to dismiss the Constitution.

We cannot let that happen.

We demand that Congress install an independent counsel to continue to the FBI's investigation.

And we demand two urgent investigations in the House and the Senate:


Congress must stop donald trump's obstruction of justice.

We demand that the House Judiciary Committee immediately begin hearings into abuse of power and obstruction of justice by President Trump. These hearings can and should lead to impeachment hearings.


the american people deserve to know the truth. 

We demand that the Senate create a Watergate-type Select Committee to conduct a broad investigation of the Russia scandals and of President Trump’s obstruction of the criminal investigation into these matters.

It is time for a massive demonstration in Washington DC.

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