March For Truth in Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News wrote a short blurb about March For Truth:

A “MARCH FOR TRUTH” ON TRUMP’S RUSSIAN TIES. The #TrumpRussia Twittersphere is taking its activism offline, announcing a Saturday June 3 “March for Truth” and demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to examine possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. Over the weekend the group launched a fundraising effort for planned protests in D.C., L.A. and New York, which gained attention online.

Lead organizers include Andrea Chalupa, Jordan Uhl and Justin Hendrix — “friends who have met through Twitter,” in Chalupa’s description — all of whom have been obsessed with the story. But it was only after the Daily Beast reported that the Senate Intelligence Committee was desperately understaffed and ill-prepared to undertake a real investigation into the question of Russian election-meddling that they decided to issue a call for a march.

Already they’ve had feelers from organizers in Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, Raleigh, Portland, Grand Rapids, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Helena and Charleston.

“We’re pleased to see some from red states joining in,” said Hendrix. “It’s been impressive to us how much infrastructure seems to be in place for this kind of activity.”